The Color Management Works

December 12, 2012

Back when digital imaging was still a developing technology, Color Management was developing too…  but always a few steps behind the latest, greatest printers, cameras and software.  Today, the technology has matured, and Color Management works. We’ve moved into to “Color v2.0”.

Color v2.0 is about using Color Management for all your imaging systems to enhance your production and presentation standards.  Not only for accurately displaying color and predictable inkjet printing, offset proofing and web-based control, but for managing all your color, whether it be getting the best from your laser printers, managing color in RAW file processing, fine-art reproduction, even CD and DVD printing to assure you’re putting your best color “foot” forward.

Colorv2.0 is about using the tools in new ways for better solutions.

We are Color Management consultants who know the tools and systems of the new level of Color Management capabilities.  We understand what works, what doesn’t, and how to get the last, best bit of color performance from your imaging systems whether it’s a small design shop or a commercial printer.

Below are some “Case Studies”, some examples of projects we’ve tackled and solutions we’ve developed, and here are our “vitals”:



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