1ffb841I say “we” throughout this site, because I work with an extended team of imaging and IT professionals, in many cases scattered across the globe.  I frequently call on their expertise and experience as needed, and they reciprocate in kind.  Regardless of your location, we can help.

My career in Photography spans over three decades, from my first work in my grandfather’s darkroom, through early work for the local newspaper and 25 years of commercial and advertising work for a national client base.

I’ve exhibited nationally, and have taught at the Maine Photo Workshops, New England School of Photography, The Art Institute of Boston and Northeastern University.

In the late 1990’s I joined Calumet Photographic as Digital Imaging Specialist, and then moved to EP Levine. There I founded the Pixel Institute where I wrote The Digital Imaging Masterclass, to be published as my first book “Raw Pipeline”, by Lark Books in 2008. I went on to write three more digital photography books- Color, Black and White, and Smart Object Pipeline with Lark.

I’ve worked for over a decade with agencies, prepress, designers, illustrators and photographers finding solutions to Color Management challenges, from before the time that Color Management actually worked well. I founded Tech Superpowers’ Imaging Services where we pulled talent from the broad Apple-based IT pool of TSP with the mix of the highest level of Color and Workflow Imaging Management to streamline and enhance print, agency, design, photography, film and illustration production and standards.

I continue to write for various blogs, review sites and imaging services as a contributing author, and teach Color Management techniques to students, groups and design/production teams.

I am trained and have hands-on experience with the following:

Cruse Synchron, Imacon, Heidelberg, Nikon, Minolta, Canon, Polaroid, Creo iQsmart3 and Kodak scanners;

Fuji Pictography, Epson Professional Graphics, Tektronics, Kodak, Sony, HP and Olympus output;

Hasselblad, Imacon, BetterLight, Megavision, Kodak, Nikon, Fuji, Contax, Olympus and Canon capture;

Eizo and LaCie monitors, calibration and storage peripherals; Apple and Windows operating systems;

X-rite color management systems, Colorburst, ImagePrint, Best, EFI and Caldera software.

I am an Apple Certified Aperture Instructor, an Apple Sales Professional and Apple Product Professional.

My photography gallery site is here.

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